Wineries near our luxury apartments on Sonterra.

Discover Tantalizing Wineries, Breweries and Bars in Proximity to our Luxurious Sonterra Apartments

Striking a balance between work and play is vital. Our exquisite Sonterra apartments offer that luxury, where you can unwind on your private patio or backyard with a chilled beer or an elegant glass of wine. When you’re in the mood for an evening out with your significant half or buddies, many fantastic wineries, breweries, and bars are conveniently located nearby. Let’s embark on a tour to visit some of our preferred places to enjoy a grown-up beverage near Sonterra Blue.

The Stray Grape Urban Winery

If you fancy visiting a winery but dread long drives, The Stray Grape Urban Winery is perfect for you. Located less than ten minutes away from our Sonterra apartments, this urban winery crafts over fifty varieties of wines from grapes sourced from ten different countries, right at the winery itself. They also offer a unique proposition of creating your personalized wine with a custom label. Explore more about this one-of-a-kind winery from their website.

In Contrada Vineyard and Kitchen

Regarded as San Antonio’s finest destination for wine, delectable food, and live music, In Contrada Vineyard and Kitchen is the oldest vineyard in Bexar County, which is a mere 15-minute drive from our apartments. Enjoy top-rated wines sourced globally as well as local produce. Plan your visit, check the menu, and more from their website.

Little Woodrow’s

Those hunting for a relaxing evening with favorite matches broadcasted on TV, San Antonio’s favorite sports bar, Little Woodrow’s, is just a five-minute trip from our Sonterra apartments. This cozy neighborhood bar offers daily specials, an outdoor area welcoming dogs, and exciting bar games & events. Stay updated on the happenings via their website.

The Angry Elephant

A place where differences agree to disagree, The Angry Elephant is a politically-themed bar known for liberal cocktails at conservative prices along with the best hot dogs in Texas. Discover more about this intriguing locale from their website.

Freetail Brewing Co.

A brief ten-minute drive from our Sonterra apartments takes you to Freetail Brewing Co. Delight in a broad spectrum of crafted beers from lagers and IPAs to gose and bocks, each narrating a San Antonio tale. They also offer seasonal delicacies such as the Citrus Trip Blood Orange Wit Beer and the Oktoberfest Marzen. View their entire beer catalog on their website.

Your preferred adult beverage awaits you near Sonterra Blue. We welcome you to take a tour of our splendid property today.

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